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NAVY LEAGUE of the United States


Our Mission

The Navy League has provided a powerful voice for a stronger sea service to Congress and to the American people. Founded in 1902 with the encouragement of President Theodore Roosevelt, the Navy League of the United States has grown into the foremost citizens’ organization to serve, support and stand with all the sea services – the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard and U.S.-flag Merchant Marine.

The Navy League is comprised of 40,000 civilians in more than 240 councils around the world working to support sea service members and their families. We do this through a variety of education programs that remind our fellow citizens that the United States is a maritime nation whose national economic and security interests are inextricably tied to the freedom of the seas. 

The Navy League has three missions:

  • to enhance the morale of active-duty personnel and their families; 
  • inform Congress and the American public on the importance of strong sea services; and 
  • support youth through programs such as the Naval Sea Cadet Corps, Junior ROTC and Young Marines that expose young people to the values of our sea services.

Who We Are

  • We of the Navy League of the United States stand for a strong America – a nation morally, economically, and internally strong.
  • We believe that the security of our nation and of the people of the world demands a well-balanced, integrated, mobile American defense team, of which a strong Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine are indispensable parts.
  • We support all Armed Services to the end that each may make its appropriate contribution to our national security.
  • We know that in a free nation an informed public is indispensable to national security and, therefore, we will strive to keep the nation alert to dangers, which threaten – both from without and within.
  • We favor appropriations for each of the Armed Services, adequate for national security, economically administered.
  • We oppose any usurpation of the Congress’s constitutional authority over the Armed Services.
  • We urge that our country maintain world leadership in scientific research and development.  We support industrial preparedness, planning and production.
  • We support efforts of our government to achieve worldwide peace through international cooperation.
  • We advocate a foreign policy, which will avoid wars – if possible; if not, win them!
  • We pledge our loyalty and allegiance to the government and to the flag of the United States, and will work toward the furtherance of the principles stated herein.

Our Vision

The Navy League of the United States will be the preferred resource for the education of both the United States Congress and the American Public on our sea services.

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